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"Teaching is about learning, some days I learn a whole lot more than I teach."

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        I work with some fantastic people.   New Vision is a small alternative high school located in the small town of Post Falls, Idaho.  Despite our small size, I think we're big on innovation and extremely progressive.  In large part this is due to the folks who make up the New Vision High School staff. 

        Steve H-B...School Counselor, Math and Science. Extremely bright, out of the box guy.   Looks like a guy you might have met at Woodstock, only more hip. Steve is a master at scheduling.  His last major   shake-up was moving the entire school to time cards.  Students keep track of   their  minutes (hours) on task.   This has greatly reduced attendance as a sticking point.  Each day a student is gone equals one more day the student will be in the class working to complete the necessary assignments.

       Colleen K...Principal, Head-teacher, English Teacher, Study Hall Supervisor, team teaches Speech, Current Issues, and Publishing.   Idaho Teacher of the Year, 1996.  Masters in Administration and extraordinarily gifted when dealing with Steve.    Professional Development is CK's forte.  Every Wednesday afternoon she surprises the staff with the latest brain research, statistics on at-risk kids, a new grant, program, book or article that she thinks we  need  to check out.  Excellent interpreter and reader of  the at-risk personality.

        Chris S...young but masterful.   Working on his Masters in Education.   History and Social Studies, PE, Teams in Cinema Themes, and Econ.  Currently a Sargent in the National Guard, Tank Commander with  12 years.  Chris is our resident Snowboarder and extraordinarily organized.  Mr. List, he never goes anywhere without his notepad and pen.   Serves as our institutional memory.  Probably too serious for his own good.

       Peggy H...vertically challenged, but brilliant nonetheless.  Teaches Teen Living, Teen Parenting, Cooking, Practical Science, and English.  Very dedicated and a veteran of the District's traditional high school.  Known for high standards and genuine concern for what students know when they leave New Vision.  She's volunteered  time for just about every position available in the Post Falls Education Association.

        Dave Smith...Counselor, Math, Greenhouse, and Vocational Occupations.  Dave's involved in just about every organization in the community of Post Falls.  He knows just about everybody alive and most of the folks who aren't.  I've known Dave for almost 15 years, and I've never known him to give up on a matter how desperate or hopeless the situation seemed.   Specializes in making subjects school to work.  He's the contact guy when kids need help in locating job openings.

        Andy Fehling...Secretary and Master of Juggling.  Andy is a 20 plus veteran of the Secretarial Wars.   She can answer the phone, make coffee, find a kid's Driver's Ed form, fix the copy machine, and give instructions to a Sub all at the same time.  Andy provides the ballast on those days when the craft seems to be taking on water and everybody wants to scream, "abandon ship."   Supernaturally in a good mood, makes the office warm and inviting for both students and staff.

        Hey, no wonder I love my job, and yes we do have occasional  openings.  Of course you have to apply at the District Office for all of that good stuff.


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