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"Teaching is about learning, some days I learn a whole lot more than I teach."

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            Arrival of the Box and the Assignments


            The box arrived in July and just as I suspected...lots of work.   Essentially, I have six entries to finish by April.  Even though my area is 14-18 Language Arts, the work load is approximately the same, regardless of your strand.

           My entries include one dealing with Professional Development, a entry on my working relationship with student families, two on core subject areas, a small group video, and a large group video. 

             All six entries require documentation and lengthy write ups.  The format for the portfolio is detailed and the expectations that you follow the guidelines strict.  

            I can tell from the box of assignments that a lot of teachers get into this process without realizing how much time it  takes.  I've discovered that on most nights when I get home from school, my well is pretty much depleted.  Forcing myself to put another two hours or so to National Boards is extremely challenging.  Don't do this unless you have lots of energy and lots of support from your family.  It definitely requires a sacrifice.  



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