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"Teaching is about learning, some days I learn a whole lot more than I teach."

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mountns2.wmf (3812 bytes)      1999-2000   IDAHO'S PROGRAM

     The National Standards program will vary to some degree in every state.  I should say that the process for applying is standardized by the National Board, but that each state provides various levels of support and encouragement.  In Idaho the JA & Katheryn Albertson Foundation has been instrumental in its financial support. 

        Ordinarily, National Board Certification will cost $2000.  In the case of Idaho, the Albertson Foundation has partnered with various state universities to provide a network of facilitators and to pick up the cost of applicants accepted into the program.  This "scholarship" includes financial support for travel to seminars, teacher work days, video equipment, supplies, and technology. 

       In Idaho there are out-of-pocket expenses, however.  Two university classes are required in order to participate.  These are scheduled for the fall and spring.  The total cost of these graduate level classes is $800.  The fall class is designed to help you with the portfolio; the spring class is intended to help you prepare for the battery of tests.

    Idaho folks can contact the University of Idaho's College of Education for more information. 



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