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"Teaching is about learning, some days I learn a whole lot more than I teach."

I first hear about NBPTS
Applying in Idaho
Orientation at the U of I
The "box" arrives
Why do this to yourself?
Do's and Don'ts
The projects/portfolio
My students are in it too
My fellow coworkers
Prepping for the tests
Education/Misc. Links
Resources and Help Center  E-mail address



Resources and Help Center For National Boards...keep those cards and letters coming


    I'd like this page to serve as an interactive help center.    If  you've already been through the certification process and can add any insight or pointers...hey, why not pass the info along to the other folks who are just now getting their feet wet.   

    Likewise if  you have the name of  a book or the URL of  helpful website, I'd love to hear from you.  Periodically, I'll update this page with your helpful suggestions and you can bask in the knowledge that you've helped some poor miserable candidate as he/she slogged through the tortures of National Certification.

    So there you have it...insights, comments, questions, or interesting websites, feel free to click on the address below  to contact me at  Mail City.


 of November 99, I've had some great letters from all over the country.  The most   common concern most folks have is trying to decide whether to get involved.   My attitude is "no guts, no glory."  I mean what are we always telling kids...go out on the limb, that's where the best fruit is.  This is not a program for the faint of heart or the teacher who just wants to cruise through the year.   Good Luck.       

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