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"Teaching is about learning, some days I learn a whole lot more than I teach."

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       There are actually four tests.  And they're given after the portfolio (six  assignments) is  completed. From the information I have, they're a pretty serious challenge.   Not only do you have a time limit,  they cover material over a range of age specific curriculum matters.

        The philosophy here is that a teacher must know where the student is coming from and where the student is going.  The only way a teacher can know all of that is to be well versed in the entire curriculum scope and sequence for his or her specific area. 

        Makes sense to me.   The tests are given on site, at  a location chosen by the National Board.  They provide text books and instructional materials.  You actually have to formulate a lesson over the problem or unit  they assign.  I understand that good writers definitely have an advantage here.  These are not true and false, short answer  exams.

        "You never know what you're going to need to know...might as well learn it  all."  Bruce Williams



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