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"Teaching is about learning, some days I learn a whole lot more than I teach."

I first hear about NBPTS
Applying in Idaho
Orientation at the U of I
The "box" arrives
Why do this to yourself?
Do's and Don'ts
The projects/portfolio
My students are in it too
My fellow coworkers
Prepping for the tests
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The PROJECTS   that make up the portfolio are based on what the National Board calls "standards."  They recommend that you read and know the standards inside and out.   When writing up the entries, they want you to address how your examples and activities support the "standards" of accomplished teaching. 

Nothing in the portfolio is left to chance or happenstance.  The instructions are clear and the notebook is very well organized to help you work your way through the entries. 

Now if I could just find a magic way to get all of the work finished.

I'm trying to   have four of the entries roughed out by Christmas.  I'm saving the two core entries (literature and composition) for the new year.  Gee, what if Y2K is for real and the world comes to an end...all of my hard work would be for zilch.


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