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"Teaching is about learning, some days I learn a whole lot more than I teach."

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LINKS TO EDUCATIONAL REFORM  and other stuff... perception is reality, when folks believe the myth, the myth becomes  the fact.


 Welcome to the Idaho Education Association    

      The home page for the Idaho Education Association.  For teachers in Idaho an excellent way to keep up with what their professional association is doing.  Check out the Visions of Change document.   Hundreds of teachers worked for several years on this vision plan for Idaho  schools  in the  coming century.  One of the country's most knowledgeable people on school reform and restructuring works out of the Boise office.   Sue Scott is the Director of School Innovation and the Idaho force behind the Keys to Excellence in Your School program.

NEA: Keys to Excellence

     KEYS is   funded by the NEA and  is  founded on superb research.   It's been said that KEYS is the best kept educational secret in the country.  If you're looking for a bottom up tool to help you improve  teaching quality and student achievement...KEYS has it all.

Innovative Teaching - Writing Resources

    Just a great resource for a lot neat writing ideas.   One of the neatest things about working in an alternative setting is that I have the time to work on student writing skills.   In a traditional setting most teachers can't possibly put the amount of time necessary into the writing process.  If you teach English you know what I'm talking about.

AJR NewsLink

    A truly great site for folks who want to keep up with the news.  You'll notice that I have  the Idaho page set  to open...but you can set it for any locality you want. junkies go here at your own risk. 

  NWREL's Library in the Sky      

         The Northwest Learning Lab based in Portland, Oregon.  This site disappoints me but I can't give up hope.  I mean the folks at this learning lab seem to be so out of the loop.  If somebody has figured out how to really benefit from what these guys are supposedly doing,  please let me know what I'm doing wrong.

     The Surfaquarium - Innovative Teaching

       Home page for the Innovative Teacher.  This has got something for everybody.  Saved my bacon a couple of times when I needed something to jazz up a unit.  Lots of good people have contributed here.  Five stars.

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