"Teaching is about learning, some days I learn a whole lot more than I teach."

I first hear about NBPTS
Applying in Idaho
Orientation at the U of I
The "box" arrives
Why do this to yourself?
Do's and Don'ts
The projects/portfolio
My students are in it too
My fellow coworkers
Prepping for the tests
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"Reflections on the journey to National Certification"                  


          Welcome to Passing Notes.   These are the musings  and

mutterings of  a harried teacher working his way towards National

Certification.   The National Board for Professional Teaching

Standards (NBPTS) is an organization of mostly teachers

who are dedicated to   advancing the teaching profession.  Candidates

undergo a rigorous year of professional development where they

complete a portfolio and take an extensive exam.  To be "Nationally

Certified" means that the professional has been recognized

by his/her peers  as an educator who meets the highest standards

the profession has to offer.   Feel free to skip around the site. 

I've included some information on how I got involved in the NBPTS

program, how it works in Idaho, some professional background

info, and a page of links covering some of the sites I've found on

the WEB that deal with "education reform" and "innovative teaching." 

         If you're thinking about applying for National Certification and

have questions about any aspect of it, I would be glad to fill you

in on what I know.  My E-mail address is hyperlinked in the table

of contents.

        Thanks for stopping by and good luck.                             




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  The comments expressed on this site are my personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of  the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.  All rights reserved by William C. Dean.  July 1999.